Adding an extension to your home is a big step, adding anything to your home is something which takes a lot of thought and planning. Especially if you’re in the thinking stage and you haven’t yet came to your final decision of whether you’re going to go forth with adding an extension to your home.

Call NewGen and they’ll go through your pros and cons of getting a home extension. And trust me, theres a lot more pros.

Increase the value of your home

Easy alternative to moving house

Tailor The Design to Your Family Needs

Saving you time and money


Double storey or two storey extensions create the most space in your home, giving twice the space of other types of extension. They open up a huge amount of space (whether as a side return, rear or wrap- around extension) as they run across two floors, allowing families an increase in their living space as well as additional room upstairs for an extra bedroom or perhaps an en-suite for the master bedroom.

As your family grows, you may find yourself needing more space than your house can accommodate. However, moving to a new house in the UK can be expensive and stressful, with high competition for every single property. A double storey extension allows you to create more space both upstairs and downstairs, as well as adding value to your property overall.

A single storey extension however can be just as beneficial if you want to increase the size of your kitchen for example. Rear and side extensions are becoming more popular in recent times and achieve a much nicer living space for the family to enjoy.



An extension is not just a way of creating new space in your home, it can also add some extra value and help you to really get the most out of your property. Whether it is on the side, the rear, one story or two; we can help you through the whole process.

From designing, obtaining relevant permissions all the way through to the actual build, plumbing, electrics and decoration. We have vast experience building a wide range of extensions for every purpose under the sun. Look no further for reliable and skilled workmen.